I Shall Hide

This is a piece I wrote some time ago. I thought it needed sharing.


Me feeling this way has you broken hearted,

I don’t know when this all started

And I feel I have departed from the person inside.


A monster tears at my soul from within.

Sorrow and Pain are now my friend.

It knows the places I have been and I’ve nowhere to hide.


And it hurts so much more than I can bear.

I seem to be caught in its snare.

This beast has left me in despair, like torrents of a tide.


But I must keep fighting for my soul’s sake.

I have taken all that I can take.

All my Darkness I will break with the Lord as my guide.


Constrained Writing – Ascending Alphabet Haiku

I attempted some constrained writing with one constraint of each word having to start with the letters of the alphabet in ascending order. Once I reached ‘Z’, I allowed myself to begin my words with any letter. The second constraint was writing it all as haikus with one couplet. This is what I came up with:

Audaciously, Bess
clambered downward, even fast.
Given hope, ictic.

Jack, loyal man nods.
Offered prayer quickly received,
Soldier tarries up.

Vacating war-field xenolith yearning zenith.
So, back into his loving arms she does leaneth.

(This tells of the moment a loved one sees her soldier come home. If you have any suggestions or believe you can do better, I would love to see it.)